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Journal Entry: Wed Oct 10, 2012, 4:47 AM
I just finished it and I have to admit, I'm really split about this book. Parts of it were really good, and the rest were just so sloooow. I think it would have done good to up the pacing a bit, at least in the first half. The second half was good though, and the last 1/3, I simply couldn't put it down. Before that, there were times where the only thing that made me keep turning the pages was my loyalty to it's author. Still, it's a well written novel. Some of the characters, in particular a few of the adults, felt a little too stereotypical to me and fell a bit flat, but overall it was exciting.

I don't think it's any news that this book has some disturbing themes, and I think "that unguarded vagina" it has been quoted quite a bit, but it also include, apart from regular sex scenes, a scene of rape, a scene of self harm and a suicide. There is also a flashback that hints strongly at sexual abuse of a child. These scenes are not terribly graphic in nature, but they're not really glossd over either. If this kind of thing disturbs you, I would recommend that you either not read this book at all, or wait to read it until you're sure you can handle it.

To summarize: if you are able to take the dark themes, and is okay with the initially slow pacing (100 pages of character introductions, followed by an initially slow moving plot) I recommend you reading this. And even though it may not have a happy ending, you'll be glad you read it. I know I am.

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Sarafelen Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks for the review^^ I think I'll buy it when I have the money for ;D

I like dark themes, so maybe I'll like it^^ and I could name you at least three other books that I felt like you've written here, with the slowlyness ;D so i think it'll be okay^^ I'll make a review then too
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October 10, 2012